Merger and Acquisition Articles

Preparation for Exit

If you are considering selling your business, or think this may be an option, we would encourage you to start preparations for your exit now.

Many business owners do not act until the business has reached a plateau or is in decline. Some simply leave the planning and marketing until a few months before they wish to sell. All of these mistakes will prove a major disadvantage when you want to sell.

Any planned sale or merger of your business must factor in both your personal and business circumstances to ensure a successful and rewarding transaction. Before proceeding with any activities, talk to we can help you review your position and options.

Our structured business review and exit planning process can help minimise transaction risk and maximise your exit objectives. The system is proven and can help guide you through the entire sale process with a strategy that builds on your strengths and identifies any weaknesses, leveraging the former and mitigating the latter.