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Business Valuation

As part of our range of professional support services at Mergers, we offer a tailored ‘Business Valuation’ service for business owners, investors and other advisers acting for clients.

Typical valuation projects include;

    • Business Planning
    • Exit Preparation
    • Business Sale
    • Retirement & Succession
    • Management Buy Out / Buy In

Our valuations are independent, unlike other advisers who might default to a standard ‘one size fits all’ service for all types of valuation requirement, our team instead focuses on the potential business exit value and the supporting value builders created during a professional competitive sale process.

We understand that every business is unique, which is why our team will spend the appropriate time to understand your business, its USP’s, value drivers and future opportunity before we even think about calculating the potential value range that could be achieved from a formal business sale process.

Our team can also advise on the current market appetite for your type of business and present your best marketing approach and likely timescales, should you choose to sell your business. For a trade sale, merger or strategic partnership, we can also identify the best deal structures to ensure you secure maximum value.

While the financial performance of your business is important, it is not by any means the only measure of value. At Mergers we also take into consideration the following when looking at the potential value and saleability of a business:

  • Intangible Assets & Intellectual Property
  • History, Goodwill & Brand recognition
  • Business Methodology
  • Growth & Future Opportunity

All our valuation discussions are confidential and discreet. There is no obligation to use our services should you make contact.

For more information on our business valuation service, please get in touch via the form or email

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